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Why Table to Table?

The answer is simple. The 'table' is so many things to so many different people. The table is a place of laughter, care, love, comfort, peace, enjoyment - the list goes on and on! If you look to the Gospels, Jesus' ministry was a table ministry. His first miracle on Earth! Turning water into wine at a dinner party. How about when Jesus dined with sinners and tax collectors? The final supper? When Jesus dined with His disciples one last time before He would get His death sentence. The table isn't mentioned this many times in the Gospels by accident. Scroll down to view examples of the various tables and how you can get involved!

Sunday Bible Studies

9:30 AM - Searchers Sunday School Class (Social Hall)

11:00 AM - Boomers Sunday School Class (Social Hall)

Table of community

The Table of Community stresses the importance of gathering to observe the Lords goodness in the corporate setting. Sunday mornings, Worship nights, church-wide prayer gatherings, and any time where we collectively gather to lift the name of our savior, for the purpose of understanding that he is Jireh, and provider of our lives, are spaces where we live into the vision of this table.

Sunday mornings, and corporate gatherings are great spaces for inviting people into the fold and for opportunities to fellowship with one another. The Table of Community is not the space where deep formation takes place, but rather we collectively come to receive, remember, and respond to the goodness of God working in our lives. 

Table of connection

The Table of Connection is our way of taking the collective whole of our church, and challenging individuals to connect with other congregants, or other neighbors, in spaces that are centered upon common interest. Each Table of Connection will be unique to the interests of the heart and mind of the members that pull up a chair. Some examples of this type of table would be golf leagues, sewing groups, softball teams, business leadership masterminds, men’s nights, women’s nights, young adult groups, and more!

At the end of the day, we want our church members to do life together and want those who have common interest to bond over those passions. Why do we call this a table you ask? Well, because we want to encourage commonality around an activity that eventually leads to communion around the table. We encourage those who join teams, leagues, groups, and more to partake in the activity that they enjoy, and follow that with a chance to break bread or enjoy a beverage after. Some of the most fruitful experiences of fellowship for us happens after we join together with groups of people who share a common goal, now we challenge these people to find a table (at a restaurant, park, or even each other’s homes) and share life together after as well! 

       Want to be a Connect group leader? The requirements are simple… 

  1. Make Space (where passions collide and Christ is witnessed to) 
  2. Make a meal (or go somewhere that does!) 

We don’t want to overcomplicate connection, we just want to be a church that longs for our members and families not to do life alone! 

Examples of this table:  

  • Golf group that plays 9 holes and then shares a bible study in the clubhouse after
  • Coffee group that tries new coffee shops monthly and shares in a right now media study
  • Vocational discipleship group where business professionals meet in local restaurants to discuss how our relationship with Christ guides our business practices. 

table of commission

The Table of Commission is a space created for the purpose of deep community that we hope every member of our church eventually partakes in. The table of commission is a small group where we encourage 5-7 individuals (maybe a few more or a few less) to commit to do life with each other over 6 month and 12-month periods. We hope that we create lifelong connections and would love to have deeply devoted groups who grow old with one another, but we have the first commitments to ensure that there are options to connect elsewhere if needed. 

The Table of Community brings people together for the acknowledgement of a God who is bigger than ourselves, the Table of Connection calls us to be friends and teammates with people in our community who have similar passions and can relate to us on personal levels, and the Table of Commission is the space where we hope that deep relationships are built upon a strong foundation in Christ and his word, truth, and accountability. We want people to be fully known and to have people that they can be 100% authentic with, and we know that pulling up a chair to this table will create the opportunity to do just that. 


We want everyone to know this table is a COMMITMENT to growing in the MISSION of the church: Becoming deeply formed DISCIPLES in Christ. With this commitment we do have a few things that we want those who are willing to join a group to commit to: 

  1. Sign a contract of commitment with all of the members of the group for accountability to participation (Accountability is the love language of Christ’s Disciples) 
  2. Commit to a service project once every 6-months (we believe that in order to do life with Christ fully with one another we must serve alongside one another). 
  3. Commit to partaking in 2 different bibles studies within the 6 months of your table’s commitment. (Reach out to church for resources) 
  4. Strive to meet in each other’s houses bi-weekly, twice a month or more if you wish, and share meals that you prepare and share with one another. (the early church prepared food for each other’s households and spent genuine time at each other’s dinner tables… We long to live back into this vision found in church in the book of acts. 
  5. **recommended but not necessary** Volunteer in rotation for one ministry of the church… (the volunteers of the church are what keep the church alive, the old model was that 10% of the people do 90% of the work in a church and we long to be a church that shares the load evenly among the disciples that we are producing!) 

Our church Leadership is fully confident that deep spiritual formation, personal growth, and greater faith is the product of committing to this table and we can’t wait to hear the testimony of how changes our community one dinner table at a time. 

Check out our current small groups who sit at this table: HERE

Click HERE to fill out the Commissions Table Covenant!

coffee table

This table is simple, but we also know many people don’t make time for it. We want the disciples, members and church body as a whole to have genuine friendships and relationships that connect 1-on-1. We also believe that mentorship is one of the healthiest practices in our life and that we are never too old to be mentored and never too young to be a mentor. We want to challenge all people to sit with a friend, mentor, neighbor, pastor, co-worker, or even your spouse and spend time monthly in the graces of someone’s story. 


Share your testimony with someone who hasn’t heard it, take a hurting neighbor out for coffee, go on a much-needed date with your spouse, or just catch up with an old friend and watch how the Lord smiles upon our commitment to give our full attention and affection to someone. Some of the most powerful interactions happen 1-on-1 and we want to be a church who encourages people to use the Coffee table (or any table for 2) for the purpose of extending the Kingdom of God.